Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Allow our highly competent in-house PCB assembly operation to handle all of your assembly needs, from prototype to production and quick-turns to standard and scheduled deliveries.

Although we have high speed pick and place machines, multi-zone reflow ovens, and Electrovert dual wave / chip wave solder machines, the people on the assembly floor are the heart and soul of our operation. Your assemblies are in the hands of the most dedicated and talented team of Program Managers, Process Engineers, Floor Leads, Quality Control Personnel, Kit Auditors, Prototype Technicians, and Touch-up Technicians available.

SMD Soldering Services

You will not find a more dedicated group of people than the PCB Assembly team here at PCBLOOP. This is demonstrated by the increasing number of “Thank You” letters we receive from customers, many of which have found a home on the walls of our conference room.

Our cutting-edge assembly equipment allows us to meet all of your PCBA needs under one roof at a reasonable price.

Testing Procedures

Before the final shipment, the assembled boards will be subjected to a variety of tests:

1. Visual inspection: general quality check.

2. Checks for BGAs, QFNs, and bare circuit boards using X-ray inspection.

3. Checks for solder paste, 0201 components, missing components, and polarity during AOI testing.

4. ICT:In-Circuit Test to check for open and shorts

5. Following your test procedures to validate the basic functions of the product.

ISO Certification

PCBLOOPs manufacturing facilities are in accordance with ISO9001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949, UL, GS, and other standards.

Send us your data and we’ll assemble your PCB for you. We provide high-quality service with quick turnaround times at an affordable price.

Fast turn times

Small prototype runs

Medium production runs

High-Mix Low-Volume (HMLV)

Low-Mix High-Volume(LMHV)

Great prices

Typical data needed for quote

BOM with part numbers from manufacturers

Data for all machine-placed parts’ centroid

PCB Gerber files

If you supply us with bare boards, please include a solder paste gerber file

Assembly diagram