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Printed Circuit Board(PCB) Fabrication/PCB Manufacturing Service

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From prototype through production and quick-turns through standard and scheduled deliveries, your expectations are what we strive to exceed.

Since founded, we’ve processed thousands and thousands of part numbers for hundreds of customers. A few dozen customers who’ve been loyal since the beginning still consider us their number one PCB fabrication source. This is testimony to our consistently high level of quality, service, and competitive pricing.

If you were to poll our top 50 or so PCB fabrication customers and ask them why they’ve been so loyal, many would say that we’ve consistently saved them time and money. Our pre-production “eagle eyes” flag gerber files daily and on countless occasions have caught mistakes that would have most assuredly meant cuts & jumps (during assembly) and/or a re-spin. You see, we don’t just take your gerbers and run it into production. Instead, we give your files a thorough review to save you from wasting time and money on a re-spin.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification of the company Quality Management System covers fabrication, assembly, and other electronics manufacturing services (EMS) that the company offers to its clients. We continuously strive to comply and exceed the standard, train our employees, and improve our processes for the benefit of our clients.

PCB Manufacturing

Being quick in delivery while never compromises on the quality. With our strict test procedures,  You will be satisfied with our PCB qualities for your high-tech products.

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X Dimension(Inch)

X Dimension(Inch) 0.5×0.5"< X<157.5×197"(400x500mm)

Y Dimension(Inch)

Y Dimension(Inch) 0.5×0.5"< X<157.5×197"(400x500mm)

Material Type

Different types of laminate available for PCB fabrication

Finish Thickness

The total thickness of the board including all plating and final finishes, 0.6mm to 3.2mm

Copper Weight (Outer)

Number of ounces of copper per square foot on outer layers. Specify this as "finished" copper weight,1oz to 6oz

Copper Weight (Inner)

Copper thickness required on inner layer cores, typically 0.5 oz, 0.5to 3oz

Min. Trace/Space

Min. Trace/Space Minimum trace width and spacing, 3.5mil/3.5mil


Soldermask LPI: Liquid Photo Imageable mask

Soldermask Color

Soldermask Color Color of mask used to cover the PCB


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